About Me

Hi there!

Nice to meet you! I'm Liz. I live in CT with my husband, son, and dog. I like to see where the light takes me and enjoy the adventure along the way!

My Philosophy

Whether it’s you and your partner or your entire family, I want to get you laughing and having fun. Just being together. As you naturally are. I want you to forget I’m even there. That’s when I can capture the photographs you will look at in 10 years and actually feel your family as you all are right now. I think every family deserves that. 

Get to Know Me

I love being outside, doing just about anything. Enjoying the fresh air, hiking, cloud watching, trying to identify birds, trees, and plants
(usually without much success – but it’s the process that matters, right?). 

I have a passion for the environment, its protection, and habitat conservation. I spent almost a decade working in the non-profit conservation world before venturing off to be a Mom, and now to fulfill another one of my life’s passions with photography. 

My love of photography started early.  I still remember the first time I got to use a “real” camera in 8th grade art class.  Each student only got to take a few photos and develop them in the darkroom, but I loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to continue photography classes in high school. And that’s exactly what I did, taking photography every year of high school. When I was asked what I wanted to study in college the first thing that came to mind was photography. But what would I do with a degree in photography? I couldn’t answer that question so I went another way.  At the time I couldn’t picture myself taking photos of people,
as I was much more interested in landscape and macro photography. 

Fast forward many, many years to becoming a Mom, which completely changed my view of photography. I wanted to capture every second of my new baby’s life. I took far too many photos that first year and have since learned to control myself with the camera. I look for moments that matter, moments that will mean something to me when my son is grown and my husband and I are grey.