A Sunny Vineyard Wedding

Weddings can be stressful, not to mention expensive. Luckily Joshlynn and Tim didn’t have the usual wedding woes. Want to know their secret? Invite only the nearest and dearest. For them it was their Moms and the kids. And the officiant of course, but he was also a friend. It made for a quiet and peaceful day, and it was perfect.

I found myself smiling for the entire ceremony. I’m glad it was a short one, since my cheeks were hurting by the end of it. It was wonderful to watch and capture such an important moment in the lives of two people and their families. It was a first for me, and left me with a feeling of complete happiness. 

Joshlynn is a laugher, that I can tell. She laughed a lot, and it was contagious. Tim was all smiles too, but his true feelings lied in his eyes when he looked at his bride.  

After the ceremony it was time for some family photos before the littlest decided he’d had enough. He did such a great job during the ceremony, but it was about time for a nap.

Luckily I grabbed some photos of him and his Dad before the ceremony. He was all smiles then and couldn’t help but laugh with some tickles.

Then there was Isabella. She sure knew how to steal the show, but in the best way possible. She had just lost her front teeth in the weeks before the wedding, so we was excited to show off her new smile.

Now it was time for some individual portraits and making sure to document some of the finer details.

Then every photographer’s favorite part of the wedding day - the bridal portraits. I can see why they’re the favorite. Finding the perfect backgrounds, best lighting, but most of all seeing newlyweds in their first moments as husband and wife!

Afterwards they had a quiet lunch in the barn before heading off on their honeymoon.

This gave me plenty of time with the rings. I wanted the ring photos to have hold siginificance too, so I took them on a rustic bench setup in the pavilion they were married in.

Congratulations Joshlynn and Tim! I hope the happiness you had on your wedding day continues with each day to come.