By the Sea

Just after Summer ended I got the chance to do a sunset session at the beach! Double bonus points for no rain and a warm day!   

You can tell this family is close knit. From the way they interact to simply how they gather together for a family photo without any guidance. With it being a longer session we also got include a trip to the harbor, which is where all the fun began! 

This was one of my favorite parts of the afternoon. Mom and daughter building in the sand. Then my favorite photo of the day. This is what I wait for - the pure contentment of a Mother getting a hug from her daughter. I’m sure the number of hugs like this starts to lessen as a child grows up, so you have to enjoy them when you can. 

My other favorite part - watching Father and son skip rocks together (along with the negotiating that went along with it - 10 cents for this rock, 25 cents for this one). I remember my Dad teaching me to skip rocks, so I loved watching this. Once in a while I get one skip out of a rock, but that’s about it (sorry, Dad). 

Then we got up to some good old fashioned joke telling for the family photos. I must have reminded them of a school teacher because they were raising hands when they had a joke to tell! At least they had good manners and knew to take turns.

Now time for some exploration. Such a perfect stance to explore a puddle. Wait for it….. 

Ewwwwwww! A dead caterpillar! There’s just something about this photo I love. You can tell she is already running aware in horror.   

Then Mom and Dad got some alone time in front of the camera. I think they had more fun than they thought they would! The kids were great photo assistants giving them direction.

Since Mom & Dad took some photos at the kids’ request, it was only fair that we got some photos of the kids together.  They had fun with it too!