Sunset with the Horses

I haven’t been around horses very much, so getting to spend some time at Willow Creek Farm with Cookie was a new adventure. As I walked through the long barn to Cookie’s stall, I was greeted by the other horses with quiet little sounds as if to say welcome to our barn - welcome to our home.

Within minutes of heading out to photograph Cookie the bugs started bothering her. She wasn’t having it. I only needed to hear the words “Watch out, Liz” once before I bolted out of Cookie’s reach as she reared up on her hind legs. It was then I realized how strong one has to be to handle horses.

We found an area that wasn’t as buggy and happened to have a great view. Everyone was happy, especially Cookie.

She seemed happiest though in her stall, munching on hay and getting treats. That’s where I felt like I got to see Cookie’s personality the most and how gentle she can be.