Have you noticed how many photographers there are out there? It feels like a million to choose from and everyone does things a little differently. So how do you choose one? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I will tell you what to look for so you can use your research time effectively. I’ve been in your shoes looking for a photographer for my own family too. It is no easy task and you don’t always get what you hoped for.

Outdoor or Studio

First thing to think about is what type of photos are you looking for? Do you want to be in a studio with a backdrop, a studio with a more natural relaxed feel, or outside with a natural background. There are photographers that specialize in all of these, so look around online at photos you like and think about how they fit with your own style. 

Background Types

If you prefer outdoor like me, now is the time to dig deeper into what type of natural backgrounds you like. Are park like settings your thing, the beach, the woods? Then search for outdoor photographers in your area that have photos with these background styles.

Editing STYLE

While you are reviewing portfolios, look at their style. This applies to both what they photograph and how they edit. Do you like the colors and feel of the photos? Do you like how they compose an image? What do you think about what the people are doing? How do the photos make you feel?

Now look even deeper. Are their photos consistently edited? Or are there some that feel out of place? Also look at if they only offer color or black and white and decide what your own preference is. Once you get to the phase of contacting photographers this will want to be on your list of questions.

Ask Questions

Once you’ve use these to narrow it down to a few photographers, contact them with questions you have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask about:

-their availability

-turnaround time - most are 3-4 weeks but tend to deliver earlier if it’s not their busy season (this time of year could differ depending if they do other types of photography such as weddings)

-cancellation and rescheduling policies

-inclement weather policy

-how do they protect your privacy while handling your photos? (another blog post coming about that soon)

If you want to have a quick phone call to see if you get along, ask for one. This is the best way to find out if you have the same energy levels and will work well together. Sometimes you will have to find out at the session if your energies match. If they don’t then you can find someone else to work with in the future. If you are a match then you have found the photographer for you!